3 things you need to know before you choose a foundation company

You don’t have to be an expert in foundation repair to find the right company.  Here are three telltale signs that will prevent you from becoming a victim of misinformation while searching for the right team for the job.

1. Is the person doing the inspection a commissioned salesman?

Salespeople have many talents, but maybe not the ones you want when looking for a foundation repair company. While most salespeople are certainly upstanding, because they often work on commission they are incentivized to get the best deal for themselves and their company. This can lead to inflated prices or unnecessary work being done at your expense. Sure Safe employs no sales team, commissioned or otherwise. With Sure Safe you can rest easy knowing your inspection comes with no strings attached.

2. Has the inspector provided a solution on the spot?

Your foundation is designed and built to safely resist all structural forces. Over the years it will be exposed to normal wear and tear caused by those same forces. Settling, ground movement, overstressed structural members, and other aspects of the foundation must all be factored in before a proper structural solution can be determined. If an engineer cannot design a foundation repair plan on the spot, why would you trust someone who doesn’t have the proper qualifications to do so with something important as your home’s foundation?

3. Will the repairs be designed by professional registered engineer and submitted to the building department for structural review?

Nobody wants to run into bureaucratic red tape just because their home isn’t up to building department standards. If your foundation company is not willing to submit their plans for review, be wary. Their plan might not be approved by a registered engineer to begin with! Protect the value of your home by ensuring all plans are prepared by certified engineers and approved by the proper building authorities.

Sure Safe knows how important having a strong home is to your peace of mind. Contact us about an inspection by a professional engineer today.

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