Strong foundations lead to higher home resale value

Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or just increase your home value, a strong foundation is one of your most important assets. Much like a vehicle that doesn’t start, a home with a weak foundation loses more value than the foundation may have initially appeared to provide. Weak foundations can also quickly begin to affect the curb appeal of the home. Sure Safe has years of experience working with realtors and that experience has proven a strong or weak foundation is one of the most important aspects of any home’s value.

How much money is a strong foundation worth?

A new home doesn’t usually come with an itemized list explaining the exact dollar value of the individual parts of the structure, so many people often don’t understand how important the foundation is in comparison to the rest of the home. However, the value of a strong foundation can be inferred in part from the cost of repairs.

While repair costs depend on the level of damage, the average person can spend anywhere from many thousands of dollars for smaller repairs all the way up to tens of thousands to replace a failing foundation. If the repair is done using traditional methods, it can also take up to weeks or months while the home is dug out and or lifted. Understanding these numbers can give an idea how much money a strong foundation is worth.

Foundation value and curb appeal

The foundation is responsible for many aspects of your home’s curb appeal. A weak foundation can lead to sagging floors and walls, stuck windows, and cracks in the ceiling. Foundation issues often lead to unsightly cracks visible on the outside of the home. Gaps can form between the landscape and perimeter of the home and will lead to a decrease in the value of the home, especially when attempting to sell.

A home with visible foundation issues such as the examples listed above will often drive away potential buyers faster than any other issues. Sometimes even after a foundation is repaired, secondary aesthetic damage like cracks in walls or ceilings can remain. That’s why it’s best to catch foundation issues early and avoid extra cosmetic repairs that can be necessary to restore the value of a home.

Home resale value and foundation repair

Over the years Sure Safe has been fortunate enough to work with many excellent realtors and understands the importance of a strong foundation to the resale value of a home. Most home sales, and certainly any in which you are involved, should require an inspection of the property including the foundation. Whenever foundation repairs are shown to be necessary, almost without exception, the cost falls to the seller. These costs can quickly soar into the tens of thousands depending on repair needs, and can often cause the loss of a sale or significant delays. That’s why it’s always better to maintain the value of your home by knowing what’s holding it up and, having the professionals from Sure Safe EFS inspect your foundation.

Sometimes foundation issues may not be discovered by either party until the sale of a home is almost through. One such situation occurred with a Sure Safe customer. The realtor shared how Sure Safe “saved a home from falling out of escrow by helping the buyers and sellers get out of a tough bind” and repairing the home’s foundation in the time allotted. In addition, because of Sure Safe’s patented method, the customer saved over $21,000 to boot (based on the lowest bid from three other companies).

In summary, your home’s foundation is worth more than just the tens of thousands of dollars it might cost to repair when failing. A strong foundation leads to strong curb appeal which means strong walls, windows, roofs, and other important structures. A strong foundation means an uninterrupted home sale, peace of mind, and a strong home. Sure Safe knows a thing or two about foundations! Contact us for all your foundation needs.

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