James Monday

San Diego, CA

I have an old home, built 1924 and flooring shifted and Sure Safe stabled my foundation by installing extra girders where needed and then installed 20 steel supports and security with cement. Wow!! My house doesn't move anymore.

The Sure Safe engineer and staff were very professional and responsive. The timeline was spot on and punctual. They explained everything they were going to do and did it that way. There were no surprises!

I have 7-15 inches of crawl space under my house and Joe and his partners crawled, belly crawled and burrowed their way through all areas of my home to ensure the supports were placed and mounted properly. At first I thought they couldn't do it, but they did!! The came out of the crawl space with a bit of dirt on their face and in their mouth, but the work was done properly as described to me.
I highly recommend Sure Safe for foundation supports!!