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San Diego, CA

We were so impressed with your "Sure Safe" method" we had two other bids that estimated a completion time of 10 days to 3 weeks. Needless to say we were excited when we were told you could complete the job in one day!

Sure Safe EFS is very porfessional. They are very honest. They are always responsive and answer all of your questions. We were very satisfied with the prices.

San Diego, CA

Sure Safe EFS installed a new foundation support/rehab of my home in Jan. Art Angelo, owner, was honest and fair. Installers were hard-working and professional. It amazes me that the entire project was done in a single day. My 1927 home's floors feel more solid now.

Able to schedule appointment quickly and report was prepared and provided promptly

"I'm amazed at the results of my foundation . . . what a difference it has made. Just walking from room to room you can actually feel the improved firmness of the added support. Generally, the whole home feels solid, a secure feeling for sure."

In a word: Awesome! Art Angelo and Denise Jackson gave an excellent presentaion on the simple logic and affordability of the Sure Safe Engineered Foundation System. This was a "no mess" seamless two-day process with no disruption to our home life...

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