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They came in and replaced the previously installed post and pier foundation on our Manufactured Home. The foundation repairs done for our escrow to clear was done by another contractor. It was below industry standards and was unsafe.

San Diego, CA

They were the only company out of 3 that actually went under the house to look at the problem. They came back with pictures of the issues and solutions that were reasonably priced for the type of work. They are a very professional company and get the work done quickly.

"We are very satisfied with the foundation . . . and, just like you said, it’s like walking on a concrete floor. We will now be as safe and secure as possible in our home; we will recommend the Sure Safe® foundation to everyone!"

"We were so impressed with your "Sure Safe" method"

San Diego, CA

I have an 1100 sq. ft. craftsman home built in 1917.  A 30 ft. section of the stem wall along the south side of the building was failing.  A crack was previously repaired by the previous owner with an epoxy and after 9 years the crack was getting larger and 2 other small ones appeared.

San Diego, CA

I have an old home, built 1924 and flooring shifted and Sure Safe stabled my foundation by installing extra girders where needed and then installed 20 steel supports and security with cement. Wow!! My house doesn't move anymore.

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